For Sale

After more than four years of purely sharing photographs and articles online, photographic prints of a selection of images from Lvx Photography will be available for purchase.

I am moving away from the service to a different sales channel. Therefore, if you would like to purchase a print, simply contact me directly at

If there is a picture you are interested in buying but is not listed in this selection, don’t hesitate to contact me at. The prices will be identical for same sized pictures. A small portion of the revenue goes back to me and will be used to finance my website as well as future photographic activities.


Tchernobyl – 2009
Tchernobyl, Ukraine
Photograph taken in a city that was abandoned after the 1986 nuclear fallout


Bamboo – 2011
Kyoto, Japan
Bamboo forest nearby Kyoto in the summer of 2011, four months after the great earthquake


Lost in Translation – 2009
Tainan, Taiwan
A bus trip on rainy day around a major city in the south of Taiwan


Laokoon – 2009
Close up of the Laocoön group statues in the Vatican Museums


Jussieu – 2008
Paris, France
Architectural photograph inside the science department of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris


Holding Together – 2010
Munich, Germany
Shot from a carousel circling high above the Oktoberfest on a warm sunday

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