About Lvx Photography

About myself

My name is Milan. I was born in East-Berlin in 1985. I am of German-Mexican origin. Throughout my childhood I have often moved between different countries or cultures. My education is in physics and I currently live in California, working at a technology company. Photography, languages and travel are my biggest passions.

The intention of this site

After photographing more or less intensively for the past decade, I figured out that I wanted to use a more serious approach with the goal of understand and creating more artistic and conceptual photography. The thought was that by writing articles about my thoughts on certain images and issues, I get a clearer vision about photography as a whole. Overall Lvx Photography is all about concepts, stories, love for the image and anything but technical talk. Rather than wanting to teach anybody else with this, I am teaching myself.

LvxPhotography is a self exploration tour through the world of photography.

What kind of camera and lens do I use? Do I shoot RAW of JPG? What editing software do I use? Why don’t I give away more technical background information?

The more we start babbling about technical issues, the more the focus moves away from the artistic concepts.

As for the background information of the image (place, time, reason I was there): In a time, where you can track the origin of a photo online at the spot and people on flickr give away every detail of their metadata to you, I love the idea of giving back photography some of its mistery. I want people to try and figure out where the picture has been taken, and what I meant when giving it this title. 

Why I post some images on this blog that are generally much less appreciated than others

If you take a look at how art (particularly painting) has developed over the last 200 years, you will understand that at first most people hated the new concepts. When creating art, a major issue is creating someting new and as you know, new things are often rejected at first. I have stoped doing images that would please the everybody’s eyes. Discovering new ideas of mine doesn’t mean that those are my top choice and all-time-favourite photographs. Over the years images and concepts gain and lose their strength. If I don’t dare trying out new things I can’t develop further.

Do I do photography for a living?

No and I absolutely don’t intend to, for good reasons. I don’t want to work under the pressure of having to get a living out of this.

Exhibitions so far

3 so far, but they we are part of group exhibitions.

One at the Collège Néerlandais at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris in March 2008.
One at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) in Mai 2008, as part of the annual exhibition of the atelier photographique.
One at the C/O Berlin in 2010 as part of the “CloseUp” project. You can see the results on my Projects page.

About “consistency” in my style on this blog

Usually, photographers on a higher level are supposed to develop a style of their own. This is debatable of course. Consistency is very important when presenting your work, but this is a blog where I am discovering and not a website where I want to commercialize my art. My work has always been diverse and I gain and lose interest on certain styles and subjects over time. I simply do what I feel like doing.

Photos for sale?

I would be honoured if you would like to purchase an image of mine. We can easily arrange something if you are interested in buying a print of one of my pictures you see here, on picasa or on flickr. Since I am not famous I guarantee low prices. Send your request to milan@lvxphotography.net

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