Robert Capa

Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death

Author: Robert Capa (André Friedmann)

Created in 1936

Robert Capa

© Robert Capa
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Probably one of the most famous pictures of all time. Robert Capa was an American photographer of Hungarian Origins. He became famous for his war photographys, because he was out there right in the middle of the war, while people got killed right next to him. Robert Capa actually ran around the beach during D-Day taking pictures of the ongoing invasion and it’s massacre. This picture, often called “Death of a Spanish militiaman” strook me, because I always imagine myself in the situation, taking that picture. A good reporter goes beyond his fears and finds his images right where the action is, whether it’s living with an Indian tribe in the Amazonas, at the top of the Mount Everest or in the middle of a battle field. Always close! Tragically Capa died in 1954 in Indochina after stepping on a landmine…

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