And then I ran!

Presented down below is a series of photos taken on an afternoon in Paris in 2008. Back then, it was unique in it’s kind for me, since I this was my first photographic story. Editing sequence of the pictures and adding the titles made my heart pound faster every time I read it for the next weeks. While the suicidal nature of the narrators stream of consciousness is not autobiographic, I felt that afternoon as a creative outburst fed by an underlying feeling of desperation.

The titles largely in their original form and only some editing was performed by me for the re-release on my website in 2012. The original flickr album became one of my most popular ones and the picture of the running guy (myself in a mirror) became my logo on flickr.

Please note that this gallery absolutely requieres to be viewed as a slideshow together with the image captions, located at the bottom of each picture in the show. Please click on the first image to start.

4 thoughts on “And then I ran!”

  1. this is probably my favourite article here…it is really creative and I’d love to do a set of images based on a story….I also like the processing :) its pretty cool how images can tell you a story isn’t it.

  2. Dear A.B.,
    thanks a lot for your comment. I really appreciate it. I believe that this article / photo story has polarizing opinion (see comment before!). I definetly encourage you to try such a photo story yourself!

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