CloseUp Application Portfolio

This was basically my first serious portfolio that I had to create to compete for a spot in a project to document the 60th Berlinale film festival. There was no topic for the portfolio. The organisers of the project (C/O Berlin) asked for was ten representative pictures for my work. After browsing for very long through my stock made a first selection of around 200 images, which I printed in 10×15 to spread them out on the floor. Slowly the selection narrowed down to 40. After hearing half a dozen opinions that went surprinsingly in all sorts  of directions I decided for the ten pictures you see below. My portfolio was positively accepted and I was taken for the projects. To see the projects results, just click here.

A very simple, yet important lesson I have drawn: I do not have something like the “ten greatest picutres”. Once it narrows down to a few dozen you like at the moment it’s all about how they look in the ensemble.

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