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Back in 2006 as I still hadn’t ever really developed a concept for a photographic art project. Generally, I felt that I would like to go beyond snaphooting my way around cities and should develop an artistic concept of my own that will let my work stand out not by it’s simple quality but by the ideas behind it.

Inspired by a postcard that I saw in Paris the year before, I decided that the concept which I named “Foto im Foto” (“Picture in Picture”) should be my main project for the years to come. The basic idea was, to take a picture of a photograph printed earlier and hold it in front of a background which partly matches the original subject. The statement is that in times where using photoshop professionally can generate any desired superposition of images, I wanted to illustrate the charm of old fashioned original craftsmanship in photography, in the spirit of classic photographers like Man Ray or Philippe Halsmann. In 2011 I posted an article about one of the pictures which you can read here.

Over the course of one year I created five photographs, out of which upon popular request I present four down below. Not only had I lost the inspiration for this project but I discovered over time that other people have had the same basic idea and got muy farther with it.
While I won’t comment much on the new images, you might wonder what the idea behind the image “Le doigt manquant” is if you look carefully at the rest.

Foto im Foto 1 | Zaun (Fence) – 2006


Foto im Foto 2: Teppich (Carpet) – 2006


Foto im Foto 3 | Le doigt manquant (The missing finger) – 2007


Foto im Foto 5 | Dunks – 2007

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