Japan – Tsukiji Fish Market

The end of tuna romance

Welcome to the infamous tuna auction at the worlds largest wholesale market in the world – Tsukiji in Tokyo, Japan. It is 5 a.m. in the morning. The tuna was fished the same night, shock frozen and now lays for the middlesmen to be examined and purchased. The clients carefully examine the fish’s texture and judge how much they are willing to pay for it in the auction. The actual auction is nothing you would ever imagine. It is incomprehensible for outsiders, including Japanese people. After seeing all the selling it was time for some fresh sushi. Finally, the resulting meal is delicious. It’s hard to picture the way the fish took until it landed on my plate.

3 thoughts on “Japan – Tsukiji Fish Market”

  1. Wow, unfortunately I am just hear it now. Back when I was in Japan, at kumamoto prefecture I was stuck with tiny fishes instead of these delicious tuna

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