Andreas Gursky

© Andreas Gursky – All images shown below have been found through google searches does not use any pictures by other photographers than Milan Padilla for commercial purposes.

Andreas Gursky is without any doubt one of the world’s most important contemporary photographers. My first personal encounter with his work was at a large exhibition in Munich’s Haus der Kunst in 2009. In my opinion he is the grandmaster of large-size monumental photography. With color prints larger than 4×2 metres. His works of art nowadays are digital montages of photographs taken from different positions. Yet everything works seamlessly together.

Any regular photograph suffers from physical distorsion due to the optics behind the lenses. When taking pictures of a large scenery, usually wide angles are used. However, wide angles make near objects seem bigger than they actually are, relative to far objects. It puzzles me how amazingly well he achieves these effects. In Andreas Gursky’s art however, there is no distortion.

Thus I believe that he managed to portrait the world in ways that neither the human eye nor conventional photography is capable of.

The three pictures presented here are just three examples from his collection. You can click on them to have a higher resolution. On the other, there is absolutely no way one can do these pictures justice by presenting them in such small resolution on a website. You have to see the life-size prints to experience the overwhelming perspectives of Gursky’s world.

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