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The Last Resort

Author: Martin Parr

Martin Parr

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Martin Parr is an terrefic artist and member of Magnum, who makes his living with this type of pictures. The combination of this style and the subjects that he treats is outstandingly strong. For me, this is one of his masterpieces.

On this photograph, you have a crowd of people standing in line to get themselves some hotdogs on a hot day in summer at the beach. Parr choses not to show us this scene from a more “asthetic” and/or epic perspective, e.g with strong light and a focus on a character or anything like that. You and him are simple standing behind the counter and watching this scenery. The eye has no focus, it’s just a mess and all we can do is shake our heads in disgust of this scene. He wisely chose a style, which suited best what he wanted to show us. Parr is mostly famous for showing us the uglyness of mass-tourism from a very natural observing point of view and on that subject I think he is a true Master of Photography.

Below are two more great examples for his work

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