Not through a Lens but through my Eyes

One way a to tell whether a photograph is really good, is when it puts the spectator right into the scene. Emotion is only transmitted when the image puts you into the story.

This was taken on a last day of a trip to Buenos Aires in Argentina. It was a late afternoon in summer (in february). The hot aire started to cool down. After an excellent argentinian barbeque with friends I lay and relaxed flat out on the juicy and green grass, watching my friends sitting around the pool ahead. I took out my camera and simply took this one picture out of intuition (at minimal aperture) just a couple of centimeters above the ground.

On a large print, you can dive into the atmosphere of the situation. A peaceful afternoon far away from any harms. This picture is something we all of us have seen and indulged over and over in our lives, but did you ever try to capture it?

In a strong image, you don’t see through a lens but rather through your eyes with your heart!

2 thoughts on “Not through a Lens but through my Eyes”

  1. it is remarkable that eventhough the device of the frog’s eye view is old, it somehow works so powerfully here..maybe it is the sealed off environment with the continuation of green, i do not know

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