A Style of Sincerety

If you have been following my entries so far, you might notice that this picture is completely off my usual style (if I have any). It’s very simple and bland. It’s composed in a simple manner, has some pretty boring light, a straightforward perspective and some trashy elements like the cars in the back. Yet it is this simplicity of this picture that actually enhances the mood on this cloudy morning, as a good friend of mine (an editor of my blog) was lost in thoughts on this miserably tiny playground.

For a long time, I only appreciated the asthethics in photography and I was unable to understand the success of great photographers such as Martin Parr because I wasn’t able to understand the more profound ideas that lay behind the style an image can have. Only recently I realised, that some very succesful photographers even deliberatly ignore basic rules of “asthetic photography” (e.g. Zoe Leonard), just to give it an unartificial look and make the viewer concentrate more on the message behind the image.

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