Natural Light

With todays technology, it is possible to get sharp images even in very difficult situations. Something every photographer has to face, is that every now and then there is a technical limit that impedes him from achieving the result he wanted, no matter how good his equipment is. Low light is the most common problem. The exposure time becomes too long and the image gets blurry. It’s a tough job to achieve pictures at dim lighting and it’s one of the few occasions where I admit that you need an expensive camera to succeed at all. Some people generally prefer studio light because it gives them control. Personally, like most amateurs I prefer using exclusively natural light in a Cartier-Bresson spirit.

I enjoyed very much watching these candles in a church in Kiev. I held my breath and waited for a few second until I felt calm enough so that I could freeze the image at a long exposure time, when suddendly the woman on the left turned around. That was when I pulled the trigger…

One thought on “Natural Light”

  1. there is a funny blotch by the window at the top of the picture..the parts away from the candles look grainy

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