Joy and Pain | More than just a game

I could talk for hours about the FIFA World Cup that takes place once in every four years. Now, after everything is over, one sentence will always stay in my head: “It’s more than just a game”. When emotions of joy get out of hand, a good photographer can always seize the opportunity to capture motion and emotion.

These three pictures give an abstract impression of the second semi-final of the world cup. As you might guess it was a defeat for the side I was on. What hurts me most, is the fact that less than a week before, there was the fantastic win against Argentina. The sun was shining, it was  a beautiful afternoon and probably the greatest soccer party on the streets I have ever seen. Only problem: I forgot to take my camera with me… As I said in my article photographers are chronists, photographers are always witnesses of their time that capture images for future generations. I wish I had been one when I wanted it so hard.

So after all was over, dawn commenced and life went on, I was left with an ambiguous feeling when something that is supposed to be just fun, turns out to be painful. If a soccer world cup is more than just a game, is (my) photography more than just a hobby?

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