Music and Shadows

This photograph shows one of the strangest scenes I have encountered in recent years. However, the picture alone is unable to transmit the bizarreness of the scene because it was the not just the fog, the light and the shadows but the loud music came from these three silhouettes walking down the street in this remote place just before nightfall. The father was moving a scooter with a big battery and a speakerbox, while his wife and child asked for money from people passing by.

Click play to listen to my brief recording and emerge into this strange scene. Where could this be?

The blue hour

The so-called blue hour is a concept that shows well how natural light coming from the sky changes over time. Each minute throughout the day natural light changes and thus contrast, shadows, colors and tones of photos. Some landscape photographers rightfully claim that, when the sky is clear, great pictures can only be taken after sunrise or before sunset, when the light is soft and the colors are warm. In urban environments, the blue hour is a very particular time to photograph cityscapes in the timeframe between sunset and the darkness of the night.

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