Simple Abstract

Abstract photography is a style of it’s own. Many pictures of graphic nature fit into this categorie. Usually we face closeups of objects and settings that we can hardly recognize. This is the point and there is not much else to say. There is not much of a story to tell and in my opinion, the viewer should look at it more like an abstract light painting.

Personally I find abstract photography very easy to get dull and uninspired. There can be a lot of artistic expression and emotion in pictures like these, but it is just not neither my stlye nor my taste, especially since it is overused and too often exclaimed as art. This is a rare type of picture in my collection, but certainly one of my favourites amongst all of them.

4 thoughts on “Simple Abstract”

  1. hi. There is abstract and abstract. With that i mean, abstract there the viewer directly see what it is. Then second category abstract, there you must guess. I follow three roles, form, content and composition like golden ratio. If all these 3 are within the photo then it is a masterpiece. From streetphoto, there is alot to learn from. regards barbro

  2. Hi Barbro.
    You are right about abstract being a more relative term than what I posted here. I will eventually show different types of “abstract” to make out my point more clearly. I disagree though, that just because form, content and composition are good, that’s a masterpiece. If you take these three into account you usually just have a good to great photo. It takes so much more for a masterpiece. Check out this artcile:
    Kind regards!

  3. hi again. i saw last time i was here, that you had Ken Rockwell as link. Rockwell is a cool guy. When i bought my nikon d50, i were reading his valuation of that digitalcamera.

    In regard to masterpiece from Rockwell: …”A real image catches your attention and draws you in to explore, regardless of size.”…

    Very true of Rockwell to express. There is not many photo’s take me to “other places”.

    Ansel Adam’s work is fascinating.

    greeting from barbro

  4. …”The first thing to create are the fundamentals of values and tones, colors, shapes, balance and dynamics. If you get these right, your image will have impact. Adding the details later is the easy part. As a photographer, you need to be looking for these before you start looking for trivia like focus or depth of field.”…

    These sentences is what i meant by context, form and composition, which prevail for painters. I feel that many can buy a digitalcamera but not all can photo. It is the same with painters or artist’s. I experience an relaxed discussion here often so is it so much competition between photographers.


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