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The hidden beauty above us

Right above use at every instant of our lives there is something breathtakingly gorgeous that is sure to appeal to anyone no matter the age or cultural background. Yet we can hardly every appreciate it in its full beauty. I … Continue reading

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The ongoing expansion of artistic possibilities

I began getting into photography in the middle of the digital camera revolution in the early 2000s. Back when analogue photography was still common, digital photography opened a whole new world of possibilities, mainly because I knew exactly how the … Continue reading

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Your photography sucks! – A wake up call from 2007

Click here to read the full article and all photographs of this project page! It was in fall of 2007. I had only recently moved to Paris for a year of university abroad and had discovered a university photography association … Continue reading

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Andreas Gursky added to Masters of Photography pages

Click here or on the image below to read an article I devoted to Andreas Gursky a true master of photography

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Simple Abstract

Abstract photography is a style of it’s own. Many pictures of graphic nature fit into this categorie. Usually we face closeups of objects and settings that we can hardly recognize. This is the point and there is not much else … Continue reading

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