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The improbable dissociation of content and emotion

The photograph you can see below was taken while casually strolling down by myself towards the Fields Museum on a Sunday morning in Chicago. Its one of these side of the road pictures that I have come to enjoy more … Continue reading

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The hidden beauty above us

Right above use at every instant of our lives there is something breathtakingly gorgeous that is sure to appeal to anyone no matter the age or cultural background. Yet we can hardly every appreciate it in its full beauty. I … Continue reading

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Stanley realized that all of the constraints were gone

A blink of an experimental concept at its early stages of development

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The ongoing expansion of artistic possibilities

I began getting into photography in the middle of the digital camera revolution in the early 2000s. Back when analogue photography was still common, digital photography opened a whole new world of possibilities, mainly because I knew exactly how the … Continue reading

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