A different approach

Most of you have probably been asked to take snapshots on some event. Maybe you took this seriously and tried to create a comprehensive photographic documentation. Let’s say you shot weddings, parties, conventions, presentations… in the end your ordinary audience expects a certain format and type of picture from you. They may recognize that (since you know what you’re doing) your images are “nicer” than the ordinary, but what if you shoot it completely differently?

This image was taken during a conference that I organized a while ago. I also played the role of the photographer during the event. I was quickly bored from shooting the standard press-like pictures and started to capture what I saw and not what I was supposed to see. What you see is a perfect example for this. It’s a different aproach.

I remember Henry Cartier-Bresson being asked to photograph the coronation of George VI in Great Britain. He ended up publishing only pictures of the cheering crowd.

My point is: if you feel that you want to express and show something different from what you are expected to, then just do it! What if the people don’t like what you did? Well either your work sucks, or it will take them some time to understand it. Just be patient…

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