Frozen Decisive Instant

Photography inside museums is a strange subject.There are a lot of museums in the world who forbid photography. Sometimes it’s in order to protect the works from people who can’t manage to turn their flashlight off, sometimes it is to protect the authors property rights (why not take a nice picture of that painting on the wall). Is there any point of photographing art in a museum? It is a serious question, since I shouldn’t get much credit for straightforward pictures at the Centre Pompidou for example, as available on my flickr account.

I recently took this picture inside the Vatican Museums. It is a shot from on of the greatest sculptures ever created. What I want to show you, is that even with subjects exposed to the audience that  are photographed ten times per minute (!), it is possible to shoot something different. Becoming a photographer is sharpening you eyes. I am glad to have this medium to share such views with the world. Ironically unlike most of the “desicive instant “, unique in history, this snake bite has stood still and waited for me for over 2200 years.

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