Everything is in Motion

Some years ago as I was studying for my final exams in high school, I realized that both history and physics show, that  everything is in motion. From the smallest elementary particle to society: nothing has ever been totally static and nothing will ever be.

With the help of a camera, one is able not only to capture an instant of the history of the universe, but also to combine many instances in a visible motion, often in the form of blur, just like with the photograph you see above. My picture as such, does not excactly capture emotion, but seeing this picture causes as strong emotion within me as a viewer. A “blurry picture” is really not everybodys taste, some even dislike it just for being blurry, but if you see this and feel this is something beautiful and/or fascinating, then you probably know what I mean.

This picture was taken during a fire-show at a student’s music festival. With the long exposure time, basically no lightsource except for the relatively strong fire and ultimatly the unpredictability of the actors motions, it is very challenging to get anything acceptable. This photo has neither been cut nor edited. Call it a lucky hand or and inspired composition,what matters is only wether you like the photograph or not.

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