Das Auge isst mit

Delicious food! Whoever you are, wherever you are, there is always a distinct joy of savoring a tasty meal or snack. Germans like to say “Das Auge isst mit!”, which means that seeing your dish is part of the experience and hence part of the joy depending on how tasty and/or exquisite you think it looks.

In the near future I will publish a small gallery of pictures with local specialities from around the world, so regard this picture as an appetizer to the eye.

After receiving so many recommendations I had to try this burger with fries at a chain of the famous five guys burger restaurant in Maryland, USA. The look presented such an extreme contrast to the beautifully prepared food I had in Japan not long ago and yet this picture is by no means a depreciation of american food. On the contrary, since to me personally, this proves that food does not need look exquisite to be amazingly delicious. Food is an essential part of every culture and as such a tremendously important part of shared experience. Barack Obama would agree…

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