Holding together

I clearly remember the day and the instant I took this picture. I would not have expected that an image like this would come out of a sunday afternoon stroll around the Oktoberfest. Even though it is certainly not a perfect still, I thought I should absolutely publish this image on my website. Later that night, I tried to figure out something interesting to write about as a post but after several attempts, nothing satisfying crossed my mind. I just had to picture but no concept to it…

And so for over one and a half years, this peculiar picture rested on my harddrives together with tens of thousands of other images who have never seen the light of day (or the light of the internet). Until now.

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Demand and Supply

This is a test for a standard wordpress excerpt in my theme

Photography has come  a long way since it was invented over one and a half centuries ago. Photographs are produced and consumed for private, professional and artistic purposes. When you think of photographs as a product for visual consumption (memories, decoration, entertainment, documentation etc.) you can also look at them from an economic perspective, namely in terms of demand and supply.

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