More than the sum

Since went online about two years ago, my biggest personal motivation was to learn how to write meaningful texts about particular images and ideas I discovered in photography. Most times I choose an image that makes me think of a concept, then I write a brief text and after a few revisions I post it online. However, I often still have difficulties to express myself in words as to why I would like to post something like this collage you see above.

This collage shows three impressions from Japan in an unconventional format. The ensemble is more than the sum of each part and also remindes myself that, after all, photography is more about feeling than about words.

2 thoughts on “More than the sum”

  1. I really like this blog, and I just added it to my GReader.
    Reading your motivation for writing a blog, clarified me the reason why I just started a blog. It really helps to think and grow consciousness about photography.

    1. Dear Sandro,
      I am glad you enjoy this website. Indeed creating such a blog made me more concious of what I do on a level behind of what is visual. I will try to post articles and galleries more frequently again. Don’t forget to send me a link to your blog once you started!

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