We live, we share

Human beings are for many photographers the main subject of their images, whereas in my photography, humans are often just simply part of a more general composition. Having spent several months in Japan, I feel how humanist photography is something I have neglected for so long.

The picture above shows a couple of young Japanese people watching the great summer fireworks festival in Nagoya, central Japan. It was very warm that night and several hundred thousand people had gathered at the harbour area to watch the astonishing show of light and music in the summer sky. Although this spectacle was easily the most impressive fireworks show I had ever seen, in retrospective, this is the principle photograph I personally retain from the event because of the human nature within it.

I believe the joys of life are by far not only about the experience for the self but so much about sharing these experiences with other human beings! Don’t you often experience something and wish there was somebody at your side to wintess as well, people you could tell the story, photos and videos you can make to share later on blogs, social networks and so on?

Probably, the joy of sharing is the main reason I keep on working on this website after over two and a half years. Sharing has become so much a part of experiencing, that it can even become frustrating to be unable to share! Nobody can tell what will become of the couple on this photograph, but I am convinced that being together that night made the event so much more memorable…

3 thoughts on “We live, we share”

    1. Hey again,
      thanks a lot for your comment. Taking a good photo of this couple was so much more rich than the fireworks that they were watching. I hope to be able to capture more instances like this because they are not easy to find AND capture.

  1. Spoken like a true buddhist, there is no true happiness excluding others. Your instincts point in the right direction..

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