Simple Abstract

Abstract photography is a style of it’s own. Many pictures of graphic nature fit into this categorie. Usually we face closeups of objects and settings that we can hardly recognize. This is the point and there is not much else to say. There is not much of a story to tell and in my opinion, the viewer should look at it more like an abstract light painting. Continue reading “Simple Abstract”

Making you wonder

Many times we take pictures in order to tell a story. Most of the times we seek simple an self explanatory situations. Then there is abstract photography which deliberatly shows you something hard to define.

Then there are images shrouded in mystery. Pictures that give no answer and just make you wonder. Who is this guy? What is he doing? Were are we? Why is he dressed like that? How does he look like? The viewer shall find out for himself and create his own story.

Obviously I won’t tell you what is going on. Many art photographers create technically banal images, that show a sureal situation you cannot possibly relate to, because you have never seen something like that. I will eventually dig something up for you.

Not through a Lens but through my Eyes

One way a to tell whether a photograph is really good, is when it puts the spectator right into the scene. Emotion is only transmitted when the image puts you into the story.

This was taken on a last day of a trip to Buenos Aires in Argentina. It was a late afternoon in summer (in february). The hot aire started to cool down. After an excellent argentinian barbeque with friends I lay and relaxed flat out on the juicy and green grass, watching my friends sitting around the pool ahead. I took out my camera and simply took this one picture out of intuition (at minimal aperture) just a couple of centimeters above the ground. Continue reading “Not through a Lens but through my Eyes”