Holding together

I clearly remember the day and the instant I took this picture. I would not have expected that an image like this would come out of a sunday afternoon stroll around the Oktoberfest. Even though it is certainly not a perfect still, I thought I should absolutely publish this image on my website. Later that night, I tried to figure out something interesting to write about as a post but after several attempts, nothing satisfying crossed my mind. I just had to picture but no concept to it…

And so for over one and a half years, this peculiar picture rested on my harddrives together with tens of thousands of other images who have never seen the light of day (or the light of the internet). Until now.

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Das Auge isst mit

Delicious food! Whoever you are, wherever you are, there is always a distinct joy of savoring a tasty meal or snack. Germans like to say “Das Auge isst mit!”, which means that seeing your dish is part of the experience and hence part of the joy depending on how tasty and/or exquisite you think it looks.

In the near future I will publish a small gallery of pictures with local specialities from around the world, so regard this picture as an appetizer to the eye.

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Jump in !

Do you travel and take pictures of the journey or is taking pictures the reason why you travel?
If the answer for you is the latter, then you probably have photographic ambitions and want to go beyond documentation and snapshooting. Let us assume that your primary intention is share the photographs and tell a stories about the amazing things you can encounter all across the world. Well all know too well that hour long slideshows can be overwhelmingly boring. But how is that possible if the trip itself was amazing and what can photography do about it?

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